One time at Pratt Beach

I’m so sorry everyone.

One time, Dany Olivia Micah and I walked around Pratt Beach at the pier, where Dany and Andi got married (in Chicago). 

I can’t remember if there were a bunch of teens making out on the pier that night or if I’m getting it confused with all of the other times I went to Pratt Beach. Every time I walk on that pier at night it seems like I ran into teens making out.

Any rate, we were walking along the pier, and the waves were crashing really really loudly, really heavily. 

Actually they weren’t, I’m thinking of their wedding. I remember that now because I remember Erica got in, the waves crashing up to her knees. But she held her dress up so it didn’t get wet.

The waves were crashing that night too, I think.

At one point, an old man in a a flannel shirt came up to us and said “Hey ladies!”

In retrospect I think everybody was a little tipsy, because we booed him.

“No way, not at all, we’re not gonna talk to you,” I remember Dany said. “None of us are ladies,” someone said, but I can’t remember who.”

“Well, I was just gonna tell you a joke, “the man said, as though he was offended. He was offended I think, that we assumed his intention was street harassment.

We all looked at him expectantly.

“What do you call —“

I don’t remember what the joke was. 

I don’t remember the joke at all — I just remember it went on for a long time, and we listened, waited.

I do remember it ended with “a big titty.”

When he got to the end, the punchline, we all booed, yelled, went “oh come on!”

Then we turned around and walked away.

He didn’t even follow us.

He just stood there smiling, and we walked away like we had choreographed it, planned it. 

Like it had all been pre-ordained.