Violet, by Kurt Cobain

When are you vibing and when are you plagiarizing?

There is a theory about Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love.

Well, I suppose it’s more of a theory about Courtney Love than anything else.

The theory is: Kurt Cobain actually wrote all of Courtney Love songs.

Zoe tells me this, tells me about the podcast where she heard it, (You’re Wrong About) three or four times before it registers for me. 

I don’t care about musical composition at all, and I care too much about fraught overly emotional song lyrics, so I am incredulous.

“People think that Kurt Cobain wrote Doll Parts? Celebrity Skin?”  I asked. “people think Kurt Cobain wrote ‘ I want to be the girl with the most cake?’

Implicit in my incredulousness is the idea that when you feel something, it is true.

When you capture an emotion, it is yours, it reflects your own perception and identity. 

That the truest things are unique to one person's understanding of the world, cannot be replicated.