Hi, I’m H. I write about feelings and the future.

Notes on Feednet 

It comes out every Thursday, about work and feelings. Here’s one.

How the Fuck Does This Make Money

 It comes out every Tuesday. Each week we interview someone about how they make money, and how it makes them feel. You can read the first one here.

TV Solves Our Organizing Problems 

It comes out every Friday. Here’s one about Satan and “hope as a discipline”.

Other Things I Make

Working 2050 is a speculative oral history about workers of the future, in podcast form. Here’s the first episode. 

Workshops and Trainings sometimes get posted here too. The next science fiction journaling workshop, a combination of grounding tools, reflection, and sci-fi, is on February 3rd. 

Email strategy support, check out FWD:Soapbox.

And if you ever want to complain about a story you hated or imagine a prison abolitionist sitcom, you can also find me on Twitter