How do we know who to trust? What’s the difference between #traumainformed and trauma informed?
“if only we could bring down capitalism I could’ve spend my whole life in pursuit of <messy polyamory drama>”
A reminder abt emotional tone in emails from the archives.
Every queer person over the age of 27 that I sent “Slumber Party” to had an immediate visceral reaction.
Is Brene Brown normal or messed up?
I’ve reading fanfiction since I was 11 years old, my two index fingers punching over the keyboard trying to find a different version of how Sirius Blac…
Billy Eichner used to ask celebrities what Drew Barrymore likes. It was called “does Drew Barrymore like this?” It went pretty much as you would expect…
I’m so sorry everyone.
A story about your brain and how much I sucked at vegan cooking.
Who doesn’t love being in control of their destiny? Who doesn’t love food from a sealed tube?
Are you interested in Doing Good? Or are you a member of the Westburo Baptist Church?
Transcript and Show Notes